Patanadevi is located 18.00 kms from Chalisgaon in southwest of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The awakened Adashakti at the distance is the ancient temple of Chandikadevi. The temple at the foot of the Sahyadri mountain
Due to the name of the small village of Patna near the same place, this place is known as Patna Devi. The area near the temple is very picturesque
And there is a beautiful and beautiful beauty that is celebrated by the people. During the whole of the day, the mind blowing of the celestial hills, the various trees, the trees, which spread through the hills of the vegetation. Especially in the rainy season
In August, September, the atmosphere is pleasant, calm and breathtaking. In this day the area of ​​the temple of Bhovervala, on the fourth floor of the temple,
Flowers – Flowers, Trees, Treasures like the Sapphire, Scorched by the carts, When all these scenes are seen, mind forgets all living things and nature
Do not live without washing. Pre-recorded history of such a delightful place is equally important.
Today the idols present in the temple are certainly magnificent. It is equally pleasing. If the devotees do not get satisfaction with seeing them once, they think they should see again. To keep the devotees from the temple
Nothing goes wrong, forgetting your thoughts by looking at the glittering and laughing face of Bhagwati. It is the Kulswami of many Hindu castes and tribes. Even today, many devotees of Kuladharma Kaulacharya remembered Bhagvati and worshiped God from Dhavhatirtha to Lord Shiva
Every year, Lord Shiva’s Navaratri Festival of Bhagwati and Vasantik Yatra Festival are celebrated every year in large number of devotees and devotees celebrate the grand celebration of Goddess Bhagwati. Providing basic needs of devotees
This trust has been registered in Patna Nivasini Chandikdevi Pratishthan. Reputation efforts are good for our purpose. Maha Prasad distribution is done after the medieval rituals performed every Purnima establishment.
Today, this temple is decorated with the Indian Department of Fisheries. Some rooms have been made available for the devotees and visitors for the upcoming visitors. A goddess has been made available for the vows and other programs. This place is visited by every god worshiper.