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Our Address

Patna Nivasini Chandikdevi Pratishthan,
Mu Po Patnadevi,
H Chalisgaon district Jalgaon
Phone no: 0258 9202916
Chairman-99 6042302 9
E-mail: contact@patnadevi.com (Funds and donations will be accepted as follows for various schemes of trust.)
1) Bhaktiviwas Construction (Passenger Residency) – For the construction of full room room
Rs.1,01,000 / – The name of the donation giving donation will be made to the room.
2) Welcome Command – The name of the devotee paying Rs.50.00 / – for the construction of this building will be named after the group plan.
3) Water tank and water supply scheme- For the construction of the building, Rs. 21001 / denomination of the devotee will be named.
4) Adoption of donation should be accepted for the purpose of donation. Send gift card to the above address. Thank you. Your donation to the donors / folks directly using the electronic money transfer facility.
If you want to be credited to the establishment’s bank account, then the following National Bank of Establishment
There is a Savings Account in the branch. Name of the name-Patna Nivasini Chandik Devi Pratishambhakan No. 2067481 9 54 (Central Bank Of India)
Account No. -067410110001551 (Ban Of India) IFSC Code: -BKID0000674
Address of the branch, Chalisgaon, Jij Jalgaon. (Maha)
After transferring your donation to the establishment’s bank account, the following number will be given to the devotees
To be instructed.
(President-Mobile.99 6042302 9) -Thank you.