पितळखोरा लेणि

Pitalkhora Caves
About 3 kms from Patna Devi temple Intermediate brass is an ancient lane. Pratishthan (Paithan) to Nalasopara, the capital of Raja Satvahanas, was going brilliantly on the main road of ancient traffic. Therefore, this place should be chosen by the Buddhists for caves. In this Buddhist scripture, Shakurin lives in Yaksh Pitlingia. It has been mentioned. Pasteling is in the context of the above text, which means now the brilliance is now. The caves here are sculpted on both sides of the narrow valley. The flow of leaching is divided into two parts. There is 1 to 9 caves in one area and 10 to 12 cylinders in another. The caves in both groups are united. From here one goes to Aurangabad. The English scientist Wilson Ferguson and Borges made these caves the first person. From the archaeological research done here, these caves should be used around the first century. These caves can not be used in later periods. Later, in the fifth sixth century, the temple was started, both of which were Satavahanas and Vakataka respectively. There are eleven steps through cavity access.
On the right side there is a row of elephants. It is like all the loads of cows. It is from that language. The entrance is 5 ft 4 inches * 7 ft 6 inches. The door belt is decorated with the Arctic and the Necklace. The two courtyards on both sides of this door are very upright. Here is the elephant’s craft on the upper door of the doorkeeper. Right is the Kinnara craft on the right hand side. Gajalakshmi’s craft is on top of the door. Today it has fallen down These caves stand in the way of giving evidence of past.